An obsession with understanding why things work – why people behave irrationality (politics for example) – why does one thing make sense whereas something else doesn’t.  I love stories – movies, televisions, and books.  Thinking about the future is also mesmerizing.

This led me to study design thinking, connecting dots, and behavioral economics.  In the end, I realize what I really want to figure out is to make life easier for people in my own small way – using technology, business, and/or workshops.  I want to create scenarios where people could thrive.

I have spent 15 years working in technology, healthcare, and accessibility solutions and in the past few years, I was part of two major initiatives under President Obama – promoting Health IT/Electronic medical records and implementing the Affordable Care Act specifically the front-end of for applications and shopping for health plans.

I also taught business courses at Gallaudet University.  I have a a MBA from the University of Maryland and a bachelor degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.  I previously worked for National Cancer Institute on commercialization/marketing for biotechnology companies.  A passionate fan of all Washington sports teams, I jump at any chance to go watch a sporting event.